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The second life of Valeant in Europe, „Rzeczpospolita”, 22nd December, 2008
Former Polfa Rzeszów wishes to start the year 2009 from a big takeover. They are aimed on four companies from our region, which are the manufacturers of generic drugs. Everything shall be solved in January.
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Ships, Fog and GPS, that is Polish manner of innovativeness, „Rzeczpospolita”, 11th December 2008
Rating. The most innovative companies in Poland. Seven companies received the prizes „Kamerton Innowacyjności 2008”.
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The patent for growth, „Manager Magazin”, January, 2009.
ICN Polfa Rzeszów. The winner in the group of big enterprises, invincible also at the area of organizational innovations – is the example of a company, where a charismatic boss can ‘infect’ the whole organization with unconventional thinking.
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Crisis offers additional opportunities, „Gazeta Codzienna”, Rzeszów 30.06.2009r.
Global range of the company offers to 750 persons employed in ICN Polfa Rzeszów SA the possibility of international cooperation, know-how exchange, the best solutions and experience.
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A Director of ICN Polfa Rzeszów SA will ring the Closing Bell, "Gazeta Wyborcza", Rzeszów 17.06.2010r.
A Boss of Rzeszów ICN Polfa Rzeszów SA is going to ring the Closing Bell at the New York Stock Exchange. He is the second Pole, after the President Lech Kaczyński, to be honored this way by the American stock exchange.
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