Educational Programmes

The campaign “I’ve got a Friend”

The social campaign I’ve got a Friend was initialized to activate and integrate people who suffer from epilepsy, their families, friends and all those, who do not know much about this illness, and they would like to know more.

Epilepsy is rarely and unwillingly talked about. We think, that the worst enemy of tolerance is the lack of knowledge, therefore our campaign emphasizes social education concerning this illness.

The main element of the campaign is the internet portal, where you can find information concerning the illness, first aid in case of an epileptic seizure, as well as obtain support for people who fight against this serious illness.

The programme EASIER

The programme EASIER has been created for the people suffering from schizophrenia, their families, relatives and people who take care for them. This is an educational and informational programme, which, as the name indicate, shall help and make easier fighting the illness both for the patients and people close to them as well as for the medical care representatives. The main element of the programme is the internet portal, which is a tool for active supporting and activation of the ill ones.


Campaign Prevent Stroke

Social campaign "We prevent stroke" is an initiative of our company, which in cooperation with the portal educates, supports and advises: patients, families and caregivers of people who have had a stroke or are at risk group.

This is a pioneering program which aims to increase patient awareness and the integration of persons who have or are in contact with the disease.
Since almost a year, together with the portal we have brought to people’s attention what a stroke is, how they can recognize the first symptoms and how to effectively combat it.

Educational grants targeted to physicians and patients, particularly in the form of leaflets and posters have helped us to reach several thousands of health care institutions throughout the country.
Together with the portal we were also a patron of the book of Mr. Andrew Zaorski "Hand, foot, brain on the wall", who after stroke wrote the best-selling autobiography.