ICN Polfa Rzeszów S.A. Company is a Polish branch of an international pharmaceutical corporation Valeant Pharmaceuticals Int. Our Company is a fast growing organization of long-term perspectives of development. ICN Polfa Rzeszów S.A. is in the lead of pharmaceutical companies in Poland and it still improves its position in sales ratings.

In 2008 our Company has been acknowledged as the most innovative company in the category of big enterprises in Poland.

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Such success is possible only thanks to the commitment of all employees, hard work, constant implementation of innovations and creativity. We still focus on the development of our employees. Trainings, special programmes for the development of the best ones, as well as their own learning facilitates us and allows for maintaining a very competitive tempo of growth.

ICN Polfa Rzeszów S.A. promotes consistent upgrading qualifications of the employees, to meet the needs of changeable market. The challenges, training, individual responsibility and career development are the key elements of the business philosophy we profess. Our success depends on the success of people, so we give our workers this, what they need to build it. The success achieved by workers are reflected not only in the amount of their salary, but also in many other kinds of perks.

Ethical conduct within activities, cooperation and efficiency are the key competences in our Company. If you support similar values, maybe the job in our company is just for you.

We offer career paths and wide range of possibilities for the candidates of various education and ambitions. Depending on the area you are interested in – product development management, sale or marketing – we can offer ambitious and satisfying positions to talented persons.