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Corporate meetings with culture

30 July 2014
Corporate meetings with culture

Culture is an integral part of the human life. Thanks to the undertaking “Company art meetings”, ICN Polfa Rzeszów SA offers to its employees a possibility of communing with art - one of fields of culture. The aim of these events is to promote artists by presenting their achievements to all employees as well as persons outside the company. The contact of employees with artists, their work and their paintings leads to the situation where business and art, apparently two different worlds, are in dialogue. Thanks to the Company art meetings artists and their work become well-known, share their art with the audience, present their concept or way of perceiving the world. The events not only offer to artists the opportunity of making a name for themselves and popularize their art but also create a rare possibility for employees to meet face-to-face with an artist and his/her work, to look more closely at presented paintings, reflect on them and share their personal impressions. It is also a great opportunity to familiarize with different types of art and its creators remembering that each of them is an individual with a unique style which translates into their art automatically identified with a given artist giving the possibility of comparison. Every such contact with art probably in a significant way influences the audience hence Company art meetings are a major cultural event in the company. Art offers the possibility of losing touch with reality, allows to look at the world with artist’s eyes, broaden one’s horizons, undeniably raises various emotions and affects senses. The above have a great influence on development of creativity and education in employees.

By bringing such projects i.e. vernissage in the company premises into effect, ICN Polfa Rzeszów SA creates the possibility to its employees to participate in events not only strictly focused on specificity of the factory but also to other spheres of human life i.e. culture.
Company art meetings play a significant role in the company business life. They create the possibility of inviting important personalities connected with the company business to the gallery located in the conference room of the company office building. Art is globally regarded as the value in itself; not only does it decorate, it is a value associated with prestige highly regarded in the world of business. You can say that contact with art somehow creates the company image, assigns a greater role to it. Cooperation with the artistic environment, supporting it both materially and in terms of promotion, numerous vernissages create the opportunity to promote art from Podkarpacie and its artists compared to the national or even foreign culture.