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10th November, 2017

30 November 2017
10th November, 2017

For the 19th time already, 19 scholarship holders received scholarships founded by ICN Polfa Rzeszów SA. Key criteria to be awarded the scholarship are: high grade average, documented scientific achievements, sport results, participation in symposia and conferences as well as voluntary community work. Awarded laureates included, as usual, a resident of children’s home in Stalowa Wola. The rewards were handed in personally by Tadeusz Pietrasz, President of ICN Polfa Rzeszów SA who congratulated students on their spectacular results and their parents on clever children.
The project to support young people in their university studies and to honor their proud parents is also an occasion to organize a special meeting. Scholarships are always granted in a solemn form and are held in a different location each year. This time, we invited students and their parents to a well-known in Podkarpacie art creator, Aneta Adamska and her Przedmieście Theatre to an original performance “Historie Podwórkowe”/Backyard Stories.

Scholarshipsares not the only way of support in gaining knowledge directed to the young. Every year, 50 persons undergo a training program in ICN Polfa Rzeszów SA (professional and diploma apprenticeship); they collect materials for bachelors and master theses, use equipment granted to schools or available on site.